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During my research I engaged with many advocacy bodies, support groups, peak bodies and academics. I have found the following to be reputable, or in the least, thought-provoking. I attempt to offer a concise, well-vetted listing, suggestions are welcome. Initially, the predominate focus was Australia, international links are now welcome.


Related Academic Research & Reports

‘Reproductive Abuse in the Context of Clergy Sexual Abuse

in the Catholic Church’ Doris Reisinger 2022 

On Account of Scandal: Priests, their children & the

ecclesiastical demand for celibacy’ K A Taglia, 1995

‘Clerical Sexual Misconduct involving adults within
the Roman Catholic Church’ Dr S de Weger, 2016

‘Force of Habit: The Construction and negotiation of subjectivity

in Catholic nuns’ Megan P. Brock, 2007

‘Insincerity, Secrecy, Neutralisation, Harm: Reporting Clergy Sexual Misconduct

against Adults A  Survivor-Based Analysis’ Dr Stephen de Weger, 2022

‘Unchaste Celibates: Clergy Sexual Misconduct against Adults

Expressions, Definitions & Harms’ S de Weger, 2022

‘The well from which we drink is poisoned:

Clergy sexual exploitation of adult women’ M Kennedy, 2009

‘The Contest of Moralities: Negotiating Compulsory Celibacy and Sexual

Intimacy in the Roman Catholic Priesthood’ Jane Anderson 2010 

Clergy Sexual Misconduct - Definitions

The Ethics Centre


Find a Lawyer - Australia

Report Sexual Abuse to the Police (All States) p: 131444 Emergency 000

Lifeline Australia p: 131114 - Suicide Call Back Service p: 1300 659 467

Mensline Australia p: 1300 78 99 78 - Blue Knot Foundation p: 1300 657 380

Beyond Blue

Broken Rites Australia



Adoptee Rights Australia

Association of Relinquishing Mothers

Forced Adoption Support Network

Adoptee Manifesto

Australian Support Services

How to be Adopted

Adult Adoptee Support

Adoptees On Podcasts

100 Books by Adoptees

Government Apology for Forced Adoptions (Australia)

Bastard Nation - Adoption advocacy

Why are you so angry?

Long-Term Effects of Adoption on Adoptees

Separation from a parent can permanently alter brain

Adoption-Related Trauma and Moral Injury

Early trauma leads to changes in the blood

DNA DISCOVERY / NPE (Not Parent Expected)
The NPE Guide

NPE Friends Fellowship
Discovering Misattributed Paternity After DNA Testing &

its Impact on Psychological Well-Being & Identity (Research)

Severance: a community of those separated from biological family 

 DNA Results Show Real Background (Video)  

It’s Not A Figure of Speech: Secrets Really Are Toxic

The mental cost of keeping a secret



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