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'After decades of searching, I discovered that my birth parents were a Catholic priest and a nun.

'Tell No One' explores the questions, anxieties and reflections arising from this hidden past.'

Brendan Watkins author Tell No One child of a priest adoptee

'When I was eight years old, my parents told me I was adopted. In my late twenties, I found out the identity of my birth mother – but she wanted nothing to do with me.


For thirty years there was only limited communication with my birth mother, and I knew nothing about my birth father. In 2018, a DNA test led me to the truth: I'm the son of a missionary priest. He had studied in a Trappist monastery in Ireland, had a career as a house builder, was a Bondi Lifesaver, a trophy-winning ballroom dancer, was a landscape painter, met Mother Teresa and toured the world.


An astounding story of scandal, deception and coercion had been uncovered, a truth that must be told.'  Brendan Watkins

'I read 'Tell No One' in one sitting. I could not put it down. Everyone needs to know where they come from. Brendan's persistence against secrecy and lies was a powerful reminder that many end their lives without knowing. I so wanted a fairytale ending and then I remembered how cruel institutionalised religious power is to children and women. Read it and weep and then get strategic - it has to end.’


Wendy McCarthy AO

Tell No One Brendan Watkins, author
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